Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Concordia Lutheran Church is to share the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ found in God's Word with all people and to help people live out God's love and forgiveness with one another.

What does this mean for you?

The foundation of our life together is Jesus Christ dying on the cross to forgive you all your sins.  He did this because He loves you.  This essential truth is found in God's Word, Bible.  It is a truth for all people.  Our goal is that everyone who comes into contact with Concordia Lutheran Church would hear that message and know that Jesus forgives you and Jesus loves you.

Everything that we do starts with Jesus' love and forgiveness.  That same love and forgiveness then empowers us to love and forgive others.  When we love and forgive others, we are not pointing to ourselves, rather we are pointing back to Jesus and through our actions saying, "This is what Jesus has done for us."